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Bendele Farm



We are proud to work with Bendele Farm. Grown on their certified organic family owned and operated farm in Kilkivan, Southeast Queensland, Fred and Sarah do an amazing job at producing true certified organic, free range poultry.

The flocks have access to roam and forage in their natural environment all day long and are put into secure pens at night to keep them safe. These birds consume the natural environment and vegetation while roaming around the property. They are also supplemented with certified organic feed when needed. 


The birds are exposed to natural sunlight and fresh air all day long living a natural, happy, and stress-free life as nature intended. 


All birds are hand processed on the farm to avoid any stress in transportation which not all poultry organic producers do. Transportation impacts poultry the most due to the smaller size of the animal. The vibration, noise, and temperature alone during the transportation of poultry causes a higher mortality rate. The stress causes alterations in the biochemical and physiological cell of the bird, reducing the quality and nutritional value of the meat.

Certified Organic poultry contains higher amounts of omega 3 essential fatty acids and is free from any hormones and antibiotics. Not only do hormones and antibiotics cause havoc on our health, they also impact the animal and affect the animals quality of life. 


When hormones are injected into an animal to speed up the growth process, the synthetic hormones interact with the animals’ natural hormones and have been proven to cause aggressiveness, swelling and chronic stress conditions which is poor treatment for the animal and is also reflected in the quality of meat.


 The use of hormones and antibiotics in poultry can also lead to increased human consumption of antibiotics unknowingly through the food we eat. This can reduce human tolerance to antibiotics and reduce their effectiveness over time. Additionally, research indicates particular pesticides and herbicides have links to wider human health issues. Choosing to eat organic meats can eliminate these risks altogether and ensure you are eating whole, clean, and high-quality foods.


Supporting family producers like Fred and Sarah from Bendele Farm ensures more poultry is produced in an ethical and sustainable way. They put a lot of love and hard work into ensuring these chickens live a natural, happy and stress-free life as nature intended. 


Clayton's Organic Beef & Pork


"All our cattle come from carefully selected certified organic farms in Queensland. Along with grass, the cattle are provided a ration of high quality certified organic grain, silage and hay.

‘Tulloch Brae’ is the family’s finishing property just outside Toowoomba where ALL our cattle is cared for during the last 100 days. The property has an abundance of water which means the majority of the cattle’s supplementary certified organic feed can be home grown. The cattle have 640 acres to explore, and when it’s time, the family muster on horseback to minimise stress for the cattle.

Clayton’s Organic is a product of its’ environment. Clayton and Jackie Sargood’s vast pastures, clean rainfall, abundant sunshine and free range conditions produce the world’s finest all-natural organic cattle.Our cattle are selected for superior meat quality. The cattle graze freely, feeding on natural grasses, organic sorghum and organic corn. The high protein grasses are converted to soft textured muscle rather than fat.

Here at Clayton’s Organics, we follow simple but thoughtful practices in raising cattle humanely (stress-free) from the farm to the table.

Our Clayton’s Organic Beef is as you would expect, hormone and antibiotic free. It contains no artificial ingredients or additives, and is a healthy alternative to domestic beef; with reduced calories, fat and cholesterol content and is a valuable source of protein, minerals and essential B group vitamins."


Elliott Premium
Premium Beef and Lamb 
No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Queensland Produced
Certified Organic Livestock
Environmentally Certified Land Management System

Elliott Premium beef and lamb comes from the property “Scotland” South of Jackson in South West Queensland.  The enterprise is a small family owned and operated grazing property dedicated to sustainable production of naturally produced beef and lamb.
Elliott Premium beef and lamb is owned and managed by Shane and Jane Elliott and our two sons.  Even though we are a small family operation, we are vertically integrated and retain ownership of our product up to our customer’s door.  This allows a direct communication channel with our customers and understanding of their requirements.  Being in control of the production, processing, and delivery of product direct to our customers, allows us to adjust and or change if necessary, to meet our customers’ specific needs.
This beef and lamb is produced organically from specially selected angus cattle and cross bred lambs, free ranged on natural grass pastures with access to a special formulation of natural feeds ensuring great tasting, tender beef and lamb.


Mary Valley Free Range Organic Pigs

At Mary Valley Free Range, our pigs are happy as.
Our boutique, pasture-grazing farm is located at Kandanga Creek in the beautiful Mary Valley, part of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.
It’s a true, free-range operation. Our pigs spend their days in the sunshine, wallowing in mud and foraging for grasses, weeds and roots in large, open paddocks. It’s stress-free bliss.
Our piglets are born in the open air and kept with their mothers as long as possible, giving them the best start to life. They grow together outdoors in family groups with ample water, weather-proof sheds and plenty of natural shade.
We provide healthy, free-range, organic pork for people who care about what they eat.
Our pigs eat only the best feed which gives our pork superior texture and flavour. Home-grown crops of seasonal vegetables as well as a variety of seasonal fruit and nuts are supplemented with certified organic grain. Being dedicated to planet-friendly farming means we don’t use any chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, anywhere on the farm.
Sustainable and ethical farming
We believe pigs should be raised naturally, in the open air, with love and care. Our pigs’ happiness and welfare is our top priority.
Our farm is Certified Free Range by Humane Choice, the number one free-range certifier in Australia.
Humane Choice advocates for the humane treatment of animals. It’s a whole-of-farm accreditation that guarantees the food you eat has been raised in an animal-welfare friendly, sustainable, pasture-based system. Under Humane Choice certification, all animals must be pasture raised for their entire lives. This is NOT the same as ‘bred free-range’ where piglets are born outdoors but moved indoors once weaned. humanechoice..

We see our farm as part of the broader ecosystem and work hard to protect and nurture the surrounding land and waterways. Vegetated buffers purify water runoff from paddocks before it reaches the creeks and keep the farm cool and shaded. Manure and other pig by-products, containing valuable plant nutrients and carbon, are turned into organic fertiliser to regrow pastures. We also rotate our paddocks so the land gets time to regenerate naturally.
Our pigs aren’t selected for their growing speed; they’re prized for their flavour.
Our main breed is the slow-growing English Large Black, the Wagyu of the pork world. Highly sought after by restaurateurs and gourmets for its exceptional taste, the breed was imported from the United Kingdom in the early 1900s, and remains rare in Australia.

Like Wagyu beef, meat from a Large Black is slightly marbled, making every cut moist and meltingly tender. It’s sweet and packed with flavour. You’ll never forget the taste of bacon and pancetta made from a Large Black belly!
Large Blacks love to graze, making them ideal for free-range farms. They’re good-natured, intelligent and hardy, and make excellent mothers. Their black skin also protects them from the hot Queensland sun.
We keep our herd numbers small—less than half the recommended number of pigs to each hectare—giving each pig maximum space to roam and explore.


Richards Brothers Seafoods

Richard Brothers Seafoods are Brisbane based seafood distributors with more than 25 years in the seafood industry. Our Barramundi comes from Turtle Fisheries Karumba Gulf of Carpentaria Australia – wild caught.  The fish is removed from nets, taken to a primary vessel for processing using only local salt water in both brines & processing.  No other chemicals/preservatives used.
Our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon is rich in Omega 3, Vitamins (D & B12) and Minerals (iodine & selenium). Low in saturated fat, high in protein. Salmon diet – no hormones or GM, marine/vegetable oils and protein from certified and sustainable sources.  Clean farmed in Norway.

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